Partner with MWW ON DEMAND

We are a printing and manufacturing company who specializes in on-demand home decor and apparel items for businesses who wish to outsource the printing and manufacturing component. MWW ON DEMAND is a division of MWW Inc. (the Manual Woodworkers and Weavers) which works with both online and brick and mortar stores to provide their customers with on demand products. MWW ON DEMAND also white-labels these products and dropships directly to your customers.
Here you will find all the information you require for working with the MWW ON DEMAND program.
Step One: New Account set up, preferred payment options and the Non-Disclosure Agreement must be filled out and returned. Once these forms are ready to send back in, please call to be assigned a Customer Service Representative.
Step Two: Choose to our facilities by connecting via API or thru our Portal Software.
Step Three: Choose the MWW ON DEMAND products you wish to fulfill by MWW Inc. and add them to your storefront (Shopify, Woocommerce, or any other ecommerce platform).

Integration Setup Assistance

API stands for Application Programming Interface. If you don’t have the programming resources to set up the API integration, we recommend working with Spark Shipping.
Alternatively, you can hire a programmer to also custom connect your store to MWW Inc.via API.
If you do not wish to use our recommended API connection you are also welcomed to join our portal system. The portal is a login web based software in which you can manually enter orders or upload spreadsheets.