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Getting Started with MWW's Portal

We have 3 options for placing a order through the portal:


How to Place an Order using the Designer within the MWW Portal

Go to and then click login on the top menu bar. Use your username and password to login to your account

After you have logged into the MWW Portal, select the product category from the menu (Home Décor, Wall Décor, Accessories). Use filters along the left to find the desired product. Once you double click on a product, it will open in our designer. Within the designer you will be able to upload your own artwork, add color and text, place an order and save the product for reorder.

Double-sided products are rendered in 3D and can be rotated using the mouse. Single-sided products are show in 2D with a regular and guide view.

portal image 2

Details of the product can be found at the bottom of the Designer page.

Add an Image

This is where you will be able to upload and manipulate your images directly on the product. Images can be upload from a number of different sources including your computer, Facebook, Instagram and Google Drive. Please make sure any image you upload meets the required specifications for that product.

portal image 5
  1. Image Area: Before uploading an image make sure to select what area of the product you would like to work on. This can be done by clicking the orange box at the top of the section.
  2. Add Image: Select the image you want to upload. The maximum image size is 250mb and must be RGB mode JPG.
  3. Remove Background: This allows you to remove aspects of your image.
  4. Insert Additional Image Area: Create additional layers that images can be added to.
  5. Image Manipulation: You can resize, rotate, and move the image. The solid dot after each type of control will reset the image. The X will remove the image from the product.
    • portal image 4The size of the image can be changed using the plus and minus.
    • portal image 7The solid line arrows will allow you the rotate the image.
    • The dotted line arrows will allow you the move the image.
  6. Upload Multiple Images: This allows you to upload multiple images at a time and create new image areas for each one. Be aware that images upload on top of one another and are determined by how the files are selected. Each image can be manipulated by selecting the appropriate image area.
Select Color

Choose a color that will be applied to the selected image area. Any images added before or after selecting a color will be on top of the color layer. You can use the color picker provided or enter a HEX code.

portal image 9
Add Text

Text can be added to your pillow in a variety of fonts and colors. Text will be added as the top layer and will appear on top of images added to the product.

portal image 8
  1. Text Box: Enter any text you would like featured on your product. It creates one text image on the product that can be manipulated. Multiple lines can be added by selecting Shift+Enter within the text box.
  2. Font and Size: Select the font and size
  3. Color Picker: Select the text color you want by using the color picker or entering a HEX code.
  4. Text Manipulator: The arrows will allow you the rotate or move the text around the product. The solid dots will reset the text back to default.
portal image 1

On multi sided products this tool allows you to take the selected image area from Add an Image and duplicate it to another image area. If you want to duplicate the front to rear make sure the front image area is selected under Add an Image. Under duplicate select the area you are copying to. In the case of front to rear you would select Rear and click duplicate. Depending on the complexity of the image it may take a few moments to generate. You can also duplicate to all areas by selecting the image you want to duplicate and clicking duplicate to all.

Add to Order and Save
portal image 10

Once you have finished designing the product to your liking you can either add it directly to an order or save for later use. If you want to save the item for reorder or to modify at a later date, make sure to click Save before adding to order. This will add the product as a project under saved projects. Saved projects can be found on the left hand tool bar under My Account. Whether this is a one-time project or a reorder you can add the product to an order by clicking Add to Order. This will generate the print ready file and add it to your cart. At this time you can either place the order or go through the process to add more products. Once the checkout process is complete MWW will be sent the print ready file and begin production.


How to Place a Single Order in the MWW Portal

Go to and then click login on the top menu bar. Use your username and password to login to your account

After you have logged into the MWW Portal please use the main menu on the left hand side of the browser window and under Direct Ordering click on Single Order/Multiple Order Upload.

Scroll to Single Item Upload and complete the fields on the form.

  1. Order ID: This is your in-house, shopping cart or ecommerce generated number for this particular order that you are about to place. Please insert this number here.
  2. Customer: This is your MWW Customer ID and will not change. This is how we identify your business in our system.
  3. Shipping Method: Choose the shipping method you prefer from the dropdown menu.
  4. Shipping Account Number: If you have an account with a carrier and would like us to bill to that account, list the carrier account number here.
  5. Packing Slip or Receipt URL: If you need to have a specific packing slip or invoice included with the shipment place the URL linking to the document here. It should be formatted to print black only on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper. This is optional. If not populated our standard packing slip will ship with your order.
  6. portal image 12
  7. Pre-Ship Label URL: If you are providing the shipping label, place the URL linking to the document here.
  8. Ship to Address: Please accurately enter the shipping address where this order should be delivered.
  9. Billing Address: This is the address of your business and does not need to be changed.
  10. Item Code: this is the MWW Item Number that we have provided you for the product.
  11. Qty: Enter the quantity of the item that you would like to order.
  12. Images: Click “Choose File” to browse to the image on your computer. ALL IMAGES MUST BE IN .JPG FORMAT.
  13. To place another item in the order list click Add Item again. Please be aware that this means you are sending more items to the same address.
  14. Place Order: When this is selected the order will be transmitted to MWW, the order will be produced, and you will be invoiced for the order. Please thoroughly verify every single order, because you will be charged once the order has been transmitted.

How to Import Multiple Orders in the MWW Portal

Go to and then click login on the top menu bar. Use your username and password to login to your account.

After you have logged into the MWW Portal please use the main menu on the left hand side of the browser window and under Direct Ordering click on Single Order/Multiple Order Upload.

Multiple orders can be placed at one time by importing a completed Orders CSV File. Scroll down to Import Your Orders. Click on Choose File, and you can upload a properly formatted CSV file.

If you have an Excel file and need to change it to a CSV file, simply open the file in Excel and save as, changing the file type from Excel Workbook to CSV (Comma delimited).

portal image 11  
Creating your order spreadsheet in Excel
  • Column A – LnNo – numbering the lines in sequence for each item shipping to the same customer will cause the items to ship together. Start over with 1 for each new customer order.
  • Column B – Order ID – a unique reference number you have created for your order records. The same order ID should be used for all items shipping to a customer at an address.
  • Column C – Item – this is the MWW item number for the product you’re ordering.
  • Column D – Item Description – optional -- this is a brief description of the product you’re ordering.
  • Column E – UPC/SKU – optional -- this field determines what is printed on the product packaging UPC/SKU label. If you do not have a specific number that needs to be on the product, the system will default print the UPC number we have issued for the product.
  • Column F - URL/File Name – this is the field where you add the URL link to your properly formatted art for the product you’re ordering. ALL IMAGES MUST BE IN .JPG FORMAT.
  • Column G - Quantity – Enter the number of pieces that your customer is ordering of that item.
  • Column H - Ship Name – Person or Company
  • Column I - Ship Addr1 – Specific street number
  • Column J - Ship Addr2 – Supplemental information – Apt., Ste., Unit # (this information may not be included in Ship Addr1 field). If your order is shipping to a company, you can add Attn.: (insert name) in this field.
  • Column K - Ship City – City/Town name
  • Column L - Ship State – 2 letter State code
  • Column M - Ship Zip – 5 digit State zip code
  • Column N - Ship Country – 2 letter Country Code – ex. US
  • Column O - Ship Method – MWW shipping code for the particular shipping service requested.
  • Column P - Ship 3rd Party Account # - Account # to be billed for the shipment. If you do not have your own shipping account with UPS, FedEx or USPS (which is recommended), then you can leave this blank and we will prepay and add the freight charges to your invoice.
  • Column Q - Reference – optional - this is used when you need to reference a PO on the shipping label (normally used when shipping to a large reseller)
  • Column R – Reference2 – optional - Used if the reseller needs another number referenced on the 2nd line on the shipping label.
  • Column S – optional - A URL link is placed in this column if you need to have a specific packing slip or invoice included with the shipment. We have a default packing slip that generates if nothing is placed in this field.
  • Column T – Preship – optional - A URL link would be placed in this field if you want to provide a shipping label of your own for the order. This is normally used when you’re selling your product with another company, and they want to use a shipping label they have created for the shipment.
  • Column U – ASIN – optional - this is only used if the order you’re placing is shipping to Amazon – Amazon Standard Identification Number (ASIN).