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Create Clothing with a Lighter Footprint

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Create Clothing with a Lighter Footprint, One Order at a Time

Sustainability is important to MWW On Demand. Let’s get more efficient with every step.


Industry Background

The textile and fashion industries are harsh on the environment. Every year, the textile industry generates millions of tons of waste;  unused fabric and unsold products from typical production cycles are major contributors to environmental damage. First, businesses create large quantities of products and ship them to warehouses and stores. Shoppers then drive to those stores, and unsold products cycle through discount stores, ending up in landfills.


Our Process

With our print-on-demand method, MWW On Demand manufactures custom products only after your customers place an order! As part of our order fulfillment process, we dropship directly to your customers’ doorsteps from the manufacturing floor.


Custom Design

The print-on-demand process helps eliminate waste from unused fabric & unsold products.


Clean materials
Our pigment-based inks are among the cleanest in the clothes design industry.

Limit Waste
We recycle our fabric and paper waste and use recycled fiber fills in our home decor products.

No Warehouse Storage

This means less waste, less emissions, and a healthier planet – one on-demand product at a time.


Growth mindset

We are continuously learning and working toward making our production process more sustainable.


Help make a positive impact with your e-commerce business using print-on-demand.