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Direct to Fabric Printing

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What is Direct to Fabric Printing?

Direct to Fabric (DTF) printing, sometimes also referred to as Roll-to-Roll printing, is a textile printing process in which artwork, designs, and even garment patterns are printed directly onto a roll of fabric. This can be contrasted with such printing methods as dye sublimation, wherein the artwork is first printed to transfer paper, and then transferred to fabric under heat and pressure. It also differs from Direct to Garment printing, in which a fully assembled garment, such as a t-shirt, is printed onto.

The DTF Printing Process

Direct to Fabric printing utilizes large-format ink-jet printing machines, similar to your typical home office ink-jet printer, but on a much larger scale. These printers contain a varying number of fine nozzles, which squirt tiny droplets of pigment ink onto rolls of chemically pre-treated fabric and textiles. The fabric pretreatment helps bond the ink to the textile fibers. After printing, the fabric is post-treated using steam heat setting to further fix the inks to the fibers.

At MWW ON Demand, our Direct to Fabric printing is specialized for cotton and natural fiber textile products. The Roll-to-Roll process also lets us employ the cut-and-sew technique such that products are assembled after printing.

Benefits of DTF Printing

As mentioned above, Direct to Fabric printing across a full fabric roll allows us to employ the cut-and-sew technique to create our products. Instead of printing onto a pre-assembled item, we print directly onto fabric prior to assembly, and then cut fully printed panels and assemble them. The result is that designs and patterns are printed edge-to-edge across each panel piece such that there are no unprinted areas remaining on the finished product.

Direct to Fabric printing also has the benefit of being a fast, continuous process. This method makes it possible to produce multiple designs or copies quickly along a single roll of fabric, rather than one garment at a time when printing direct to garment. Quick turnaround time, small runs, reprints, rush orders, bulk orders and more are all possible utilizing Direct to Fabric printing.

Additionally, Direct to Fabric printing can accommodate complicated, vibrant artwork and full color photographs. Typically, eight color channels are employed by Direct to Fabric printers, resulting in complex colorful designs and patterns being easily managed by this printing process.

Our Direct to Fabric Products

MWW On Demand offers a range of Home Décor products printed with the Direct to Fabric process. Made from soft natural fabrics, these items are ideal for designing and including in your online store.

  • Throw Pillows – Cotton Twill
  • Pillow Covers – Cotton Twill
  • Outdoor Pillows
  • Napkins
  • Tea Towels
  • Placemats
  • Table Runners
  • Tablecloths
  • Fabric by the Yard

For more information on these products visit our Home Décor page linked below!

Add DTF Printed Products to Your Store

Start designing and selling Direct to Fabric printed home décor products featuring your art with the MWW On Demand Merch Maker™, now fully integrated with Shopify! Signing up is easy! Let MWW On Demand handle manufacturing, production, and dropshipping of your products while you focus on creating artwork and marketing your store!

Our make-on-demand process requires no upfront investment, though bulk orders can still be made if required. Products are only printed when they have been ordered by your customers. Since we require no minimum orders, there is no inventory or overhead for you as the seller to track and keep up with. Your orders can be fulfilled quickly as soon as we receive them. No order minimums also let you enjoy the freedom to introduce new designs without risk. What are you waiting for? Get started today!