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2022 Valentine’s Day Prep

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With print-on-demand fulfillment, it’s never too late to create products for upcoming holidays. No minimum order quantities mean you can create relevant products and push them to your store in minutes for customers to purchase as last-minute gift items.. Whether youre coupled up, celebrating Galentine’s day, or Anti-Valentine’s daythere is plenty of space for everyone in your product designs. While chocolate and roses remain popular on the Valentine’s marketconsumers are looking beyond lovers to celebrateincluding friends, family, co-workers, and even pets

Targeting Non-Romantic Love

Galentine’s Day

Galentine’s Day takes place on February 13, and this day is all about celebrating female friendships! This unofficial holiday achieved mainstream status after a Parks and Rec episode made it popular among millennialsCreate a social media post or marketing campaign geared toward customers wanting to show love for their gal palsMarket products that will make amazing gifts for your friends: consider accessory pouchestotes, or lunch bags filled with chocolate or their favorite snacks

Pet Owners                                                                                                                                                                                                                Did you know that 1 in 5 people will buy gifts for their pets on Valentine’s Day? Adding bandanas, plush pet beds, and feeding mats to your product lineup gives your customers the perfect opportunity to show their pets how much they love them. 

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For Couples:

Matching T-Shirts, cozy throw blankets or personalized posters make great featured products in your store. You could repurpose your best sellers and design Valentine –themed product line! Click here to start selling in your store today! 

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For those practicing self-love: 

While most businesses will focus on romantic love, it is important to remind consumers that it is important to love yourself. Try advertising “Dress for Yourself this Valentine’s Day,” or “Treat yourself this Valentine’s Day.” T-Shirt dresses or neck ties are great products to add to your store, giving customers their own treat this holiday.  

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T-shirt Dress AOP Apparel

Don’t limit your creativity for Valentine’s Day. MWW On Demand offers products for everyone, in whatever form they choose to celebrate the holiday. Add new products to your online store today!