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It’s almost Spring out and that means revamping everyday spaces! Here at MWW, we’re excited to bring you Custom Rubber Backed Mats that show your personality and bring that extra something to these everyday spaces! These mats are beautifully plush with a water-resistant customizable face and a thick nonslip rubber back!

Our collection begins with our gorgeous yoga mat and yoga towel. Also, known as the perfect duo for working out at home or in the gym. Our yoga mat and towel are both 71″ x 24″, with the mat having a plush 5mm thick rubber back, perfect for wrist relief. Not to mention, our yoga towel has amazing wrinkle-resistant sweat-wicking fabric perfect for helping stability and slipping during those workout classes!  

No Mat Collection would be perfect without a desk mat and gaming mat! Both are perfect for upgrading your space whether in a home office, gaming room, or at work! While both mats are similar in style, the desk mat is 31.5″ x 15.75″ with 3mm thick rubber backing while the gaming mat is 24.25″ x 14″ with 1.7mm thick rubber backing. You can’t go wrong with either choice, both are amazing waterproof, non-slip custom mats!  

So what are you waiting for? Download the template and start your amazing custom rubber-backed mat journey today! We can’t wait to see what you will create!

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Note: Rubber Backed Mats and Yoga Towel are not yet available on the Merch Maker™. Email us at or contact your MWW representative for more information.