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Direct to Garment Printing

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What is Direct to Garment Printing?

Direct to Garment printing, or DTG, is a textile printing process that utilizes specialized inks to print directly onto a garment using a DTG printer. The garment’s fabric fibers soak up the inks, bonding them to become a permanent part of the garment. DTG produces prints that do not crack, peel, or distort the image over time. While DTG works best on 100% cotton products, cotton blends are also suitable for this style of printing.

The DTG Printing Process

In Direct to Garment printing, a pre-treatment solution is first applied to the garment to help the ink bond with the fabric. Next, the garment is mounted on a platen and placed into the printer, where a water-based ink is then sprayed directly onto the garment. The ink soaks into the garment’s fabric fibers and is then finally cured to make the print more durable. This entire process is completed in just a few minutes and is similar to printing directly onto paper with an inkjet printer. This process contrasts with the other main method of printing custom apparel: screen printing. In screen printing, ink is forced through a mesh screen onto a garment, such that the ink sets on the surface of the fabric rather than soaking into the fibers.

Benefits of DTG Printing

Direct to Garment printing is quickly becoming the go-to standard for print-on-demand apparel printing. There is virtually no setup time required for DTG printing, making it efficient for bulk orders and one-off print jobs. This is ideal for the print-on-demand model. As soon as your customer places an order through your online store for a single item, we automatically receive the order, print the design, and send it directly to the customer. No overhead or bulk orders needed!  

DTG printing can also easily accommodate highly detailed designs with broad, vibrant color palettes that cannot be accomplished efficiently by other methods such as screen printing, the setup for which can be very time consuming. DTG printing offers a wide range of color options. You can print detailed designs and photorealistic images with virtually no color limitations. Since DTG-printed designs soak directly into the garment fibers, they remain durable over time, won’t crack and fade, and aren’t stiff, making them more comfortable to wear.

DTG printing has the additional benefit of being more sustainable as a printing method. Since DTG allows for print-to-order and one-offs, overproduction and textile waste are avoided. No bulk printing means no excess or unsold product!

Our DTG Products


  • Our DTG T-shirts are available in white, black, and grey, and six sizes from XS to 2XL. These shirts are soft, stretchy, and perfect for lounging or wearing out on a casual day. They also make great promotional products or wearable displays for artwork. For more information on our DTG T-shirts, follow the link below:


  • Our DTG Crew Socks are printed on a round form that ensures image accuracy when worn. Ink penetrates the fibers of these socks for a seamless all-over print. Our extra soft and stretchy socks feature a reinforced heel and toe in black. They’re great for everyday wear, spicing up your work look, or going out on weekends! For more information on our DTG socks, follow the link below:

Add DTG Products to Your Store with Merch Maker™

Sell your art on our Direct to Garment products today with the  MWW On Demand Merch Maker™! Signing up is easy, and with MWW On Demand on your side, all you need to worry about is creating art and marketing your store. We’ll take care of the manufacturing, production, and dropshipping!

Direct to Garment merchandising is an easy and profitable way to start your print-on-demand store. This quick and efficient printing method is the perfect vehicle for getting your artwork and designs into the hands of your customers within days of placing an order. It is also an excellent gateway into the world of print-on-demand commerce. Start with DTG, then explore our full catalog of available all-over-print products to begin expanding your online store’s product offerings!

Our print-on-demand DTG Printing requires no upfront investment, and bulk orders can still be made if required. Products are only printed once they’ve been ordered by your customers. We require no order minimum, so you don’t have to worry about keeping up with inventory. There’s no extra setup time to start printing, so your orders can be fulfilled as soon as we receive them. DTG printing also gives you the time to experiment with your product offerings and marketing. Enjoy the freedom to introduce new designs without risk. What are you waiting for? Get started today!