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How to Digitize Your Artwork

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In order to provide the quality products your customers deserve, it’s important to digitize your work correctly for your custom products. Throughout, we reference uploading your artwork, designs, or images on our design maker. You may wonder what this actually means! If your piece is hanging on your wall, how do you make it a high quality file on your computer, never mind upload it?

Preliminary Q’s

Who is your target audience?
Narrowing down your target audience will save you both time and energy. To sell your artwork, you need to create custom products that your customers will want to purchase. 

What kind of print on demand product do you want to sell your print on?
With over 70 products in our catalog, the customization options are endless. After deciding which products to customize with your artwork -a throw pillow or an all-over print hoodie, for example- just use the width and height measurements  provided by our templates to format the image for your custom design. 


If possible, capture your image with a scanner. A photograph will also work; to ensure the best quality for printing, try to get your image as high-resolution as possible. For reference, 300ppi (pixels per inch) or higher is print-quality. Lighting is also important- try taking a photo outside in the shade on a sunny day. Save your photos with JPEG, PDF, or PNG file extensions. 

The high quality on-demand manufacturing and DTG printing at MWW on Demand reduces your initial investment in time and money when starting an ecommerce business.