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Textiles Production Glossary

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Textile Production Techniques

At MWW On Demand, and throughout the textile industry, a range of printing and production techniques are used to transfer your images onto our customizable textile based products. You may have heard of Direct to fabric, Direct to garment, All over printing, dye sublimation and even custom weaving. These methods and all of their acronyms can be tricky to keep straight! Here we’ve compiled a handy list of our most common printing processes for your reference.

All Over Printing

All Over Printing (AOP) provides maximum coverage of your designs and patterns across garments and other textile products, allowing designers and creatives to apply unique, eye-catching visuals to a range of products. The ability to utilize every square inch of a garment in a design gives artists the freedom to expand their creative horizons and fashion custom products that will stand out in the marketplace.  Read more at our All Over Printing blog post below! 

Dye Sublimation Printing

Our most frequently used printing process as MWW On Demand, Dye Sublimation technology uses an advanced heat-transfer process to consistently produce high-quality results. Your artwork is first printed to transfer paper, then transferred to the fabric under pressure and heat to bond the dye to the fibers. The ink is heated to the point that it changes directly into a gaseous state. As the ink is in a gaseous form, it bonds to the fabric fibers, infusing the fabric with dye. Learn more about Dye Sublimation printing below!

Direct to Garment Printing

Direct to Garment printing, or DTG, is a textile printing process that utilizes specialized inks to print directly onto a garment using a DTG printer. The garment’s fabric fibers soak up the inks, bonding them to become a permanent part of the garment. DTG produces prints that do not crack, peel, or distort the image over time. While DTG works best on 100% cotton products, cotton blends are also suitable for this style of printing. Click the button to read up on our DTG printing!

Direct to Fabric Printing

Direct to Fabric (DTF) printing, sometimes also referred to as Roll-to-Roll printing, is a textile printing process in which artwork, designs, and even garment patterns are printed directly onto a roll of fabric. This can be contrasted with such printing methods as dye sublimation, wherein the artwork is first printed to transfer paper, and then transferred to fabric under heat and pressure. It also differs from Direct to Garment printing, in which a fully assembled garment, such as a t-shirt, is printed onto. Follow the link to learn more about DTF printing at MWW On Demand!

Woven Products

At MWW On Demand, custom-woven products are one of our most popular items. Weaving transforms your digital images into gorgeous, heirloom-quality pieces that will last for generations. Because these products are often used as heirlooms, it is of the utmost importance that you ensure the highest level of quality possible. You can trust MWW On Demand to produce high-quality woven goods you’ll be proud to showcase your art on. Read on to learn about all the awesome woven products you can add to your store with MWW On Demand!